Start scoring gigs

You probably like to get on stage more often, earn some money and expand your fan base. Indieplant provides you with all the tools and contacts you need to start scoring gigs yourself. How about that: no middle man, no one taking a cut from your revenue. Besides, before you are able to score 15 to 25 paid gigs a year, serious booking agents are not likely to be interested in investing their time in you. So lets discover how you could setup your workflow for scoring gigs!

Before you start, make sure your basics are covered:

Step 1: Create your press kit

A press kit is a webpage that provides all info about you and your act, that the event organisers, the press, venues and festivals are looking for. Think of it as your sales brochure. With Indieplant you can make a free, professional and complete press kit in minutes.

Make sure your content is top notch. Show your best press photos, artwork, latest videos and songs, up-to-date rider and relevant links to your social media. Make sure to include video footage of your live show so that organisers know what to expect. Showing your best live act and a big audience enjoying themselves, is your best promotional tool towards event organisers. Don't forget to keep your content up to date (use your projects tool to remind yourself).

Create your press kit

Step 2: Social media

Bookers will likely check your social media channels to see what you're up to and to check if you have a big following. Make sure you have enough recent activity like on- and off stage photos, contests and live streams. Make sure to check our online marketing course to learn more.

Tip: did you know you can manage and automate your social media activity on all of your platforms using the social tool?

Step 3: Bookkeeping

When you've started or are expected to earn money with your gigs, its important to have your bookkeeping in correct order. That's why we've arranged a discount for our Dutch Indieplant members at EZ Boekhouding, specialized bookkeeping for musicians.

Get your bookkeeping discount

Step 4: Find gigs with the festivals and venues board

Bulk mailing your act to a list of festivals and venues, and hoping for the best, rarely bears fruit when searching for gigs. If you're serious about selling gigs, you need a much more personal approach. 

Our Festivals and Venues board helps you to research your leads and save time. Search our database of festivals and venues in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Italy and beyond. 

Save valuable time researching your lead with the email, Facebook and website buttons. If we have the data, you have the buttons.

We have made a quick guide and example email for you to help you get started. Also kindly take notice of our one rule: don't spam.

To the Festivals and Venues board

Good luck and have fun!

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