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All Indieplant Startup and Indie members get access to unlimited online music distribution. Here you'll learn be able to distribute your music to hundreds of music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and all the others.

Have a plan

Although it's not mandatory, we highly recommend you to start with a plan, before you start distributing your music. Don't forget, you're not the only talented artist out there: there are a thousand songs added to Spotify every hour of every day.

Unlimited worldwide distribution

At Indieplant we've made distributing your music very easy. Just find the Online Distribution tool, read the instructions and start uploading your data. With just one simple form you will distribute your music worldwide to around 200 digital service providers like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport and many others.

Take a minute to discover how to start distributing your music.

Support info

With each step, the distribution form will provide you with the information you need so it should be a walk in the park.

Save your progress

Remember the old floppy disks? Click it to save your progress and finish later. Just don’t remove your cookies before you've sent your data to us!


Are you all set to distribute right away? We won't keep you.

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