Bring your Dashboard to life

Your dashboard (or 'dash') is a type of board that allows you to get an overview of everything going on from a management point of view. It will help you to monitor your workflow with focus points, projects, revenue streams, support and your actions. The dashboard helps you to stay in control of your music business.

We've made this short video to introduce you to your dashboard.

The dashboard will come to life and present you with relevant data once you start using Indieplant. Don't try to do everything simultaneously. Just start with one thing, complete it, and then move to the next.

Step 1: Create your focus board and projects

The focus board is the place where you list and track your biggest focus points, to reach your goals. You will find it by clicking the Focus block on your dashboard. Projects is where you manage and organize your detailed to-do lists.

If you haven't setup your focus board and projects, read this article to learn more.

Step 2: Add your revenue board

The revenue board is the place where you add all your different revenue streams. It is a typical grow management tool that and not meant for administration purposes. Instead it helps you and your team members to understand where your money comes from and what stream might need some attention. Think of it as a financial mind map. Check this article to learn more.

This short video introduces you to your revenue board.

Step 3: Plan your support call

Now that you have provided some data, we can get some insight in your current situation and goals. It enables us to support and advice you and to fine-tune your plans. We can do that during your personal management support call. After which we will add personalized actions to your dashboard that you could work on.

Schedule your support call

Check this short video to learn about the support board.

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