Getting started with Indieplant

Looking to begin your Indieplant journey? You've come to the right place! This quick journey will help you to get going.

Just imagine getting your music out there with the help of a perfect master plan. Everyone in the band knows what they are working on, understand the big picture and easily see the progress of all tasks. Or take the right actions if your project gets stuck. That's a team and workflow that will get you and your music somewhere!

It's good to realize that the success of you band, label or management agency is depending on team effort, like any other business in the world. (Make sure to complete the course to building a dream team!) That's why managing and aligning your goals, projects and to-do lists is so important. Indieplant's platform will help you with that.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video, introducing you to the Indieplant platform.

Create your first workflow

Step 1: Create your focus board

A focus board is a place to organize and track your biggest focus points, which are the projects you need to finish in order to fulfil your current biggest goal.

And that's where you should start: define your goal. Make sure your goal is:

  • well thought trough
  • brief and clear
  • realistic

For example, if your goal is to have a professional music release next year, your focus points could look like this:

  • Complete songs
  • Shoot music video
  • Promote
  • Release
  • Tour

Please take a minute to watch our video, showing you the focus module.

Each focus point is assigned to a single person. This person is responsible for that particular focus point. Without an assigned responsible and accountable person, you're target will likely not be achieved.

The person responsible for a focus point is:

  • managing it while others do the work,
  • doing the work himself,
  • or part of a joint team effort, but responsible.

Responsible musician

In short: the focus board helps you to keep track on your milestones; the steps towards your goal.

Step 2: Create your project (Beta)

We offer a complete project management tool (currently in beta) to help you easily manage your projects and tasks. Watch the video below for a quick introduction or check this video to learn the basics. 

To add your first project, click the 'Add project' button and choose one of our project templates. Now name it, choose a start date and add your team member (or do this later using the Settings icon) and click 'Add project'. 

Notice that the project consists of several phases, each containing tasks. Rename the phases to your liking and add the tasks as to-do-lists inside each phase.

Step 3: Add your tasks

Now that you've created your first project and phases, you can start listing your tasks. There is no limit to how many tasks you can have inside each phase, so list everything you need, but make sure all tasks are relevant to the phase you created.

You can can assign different colors to your phases and tasks to easily differentiate them.

Make sure to enable alert notifications and reminders for your tasks and assign them to the appropriate team member(s).

Step 4: Add your notes

So, now that your tasks are listed, don't forget to add useful notes to each task. Just click the text icon left of the task name. You ca also add more general notes for that phase below:

Now that your project is all set up, with clear phases, all tasks, alerts and notes, it's time to get to work on your project.

Step 5: Keep it updated

Login regularly to update your project and don't keep any tasks to yourself. Most importantly, update the status of all tasks by clicking the status icon for each task:

The status of the phases are updated automatically, based on the average status of its tasks.

Step 6: Get things done

Indieplant helps you to stay on track with your management and to make your projects clear and transparent to your team members so that everyone can see the progress and goals you're working to. So what are you waiting for? Get started and build your music business!


  • You've learned that a great plan is the key to success in the music business.
  • You now know this is the place where you manage your goals.
  • You have learned to start formulating your goal and add the milestones needed to reach that goal on your focus board.
  • You have learned how to make persons responsible for each focus point.
  • You know how to create projects, made up of phases, filled with your to-do lists.
  • Finally, you now know how to assign alerts to those alerts, assign them to your team members and keep your projects updated using the task status.

With these basics you are now able to setup a professional workflow.

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