Yes we are. Our team is active in the music business for over 25 years now. Our team consists of experienced music distributors, record label owners, publishers, managers and we have been running a cd and vinyl production facility and recording studio for many years now. And yes, in the past we have sold Gold records. We taught students at rock and pop academies.

Nowadays we run the music platform we've build because we've come to realise that Indieplant is what's been missing in the music industry.

We still run a number of record labels as well as a publishing house, all of which make effective use of the Indieplant platform, every single day. A great example is the legendary New York and Amsterdam based record label ESP-Disk'. Furthermore, Indieplant acquired indie publishers Syndicore and La Libre and continued their services as Indieplant Publishing, where we make sure our members are getting paid what they're owed for their music rights.

So yes, we think it's safe to say that we know our stuff!