We offer several levels of music promotion. What level is advised in your situation depends on your level of operation, ambition level and budgets. We have several ways we can promote your music:

  • Promo mailings (free)
  • Our channels / Plugging (paid)
  • PR campaigns (paid)

Promo Mailings

As an Indieplant member you are able to benefit from promo mailingsĀ when you distribute your music. How often you can do this depends on your membership level. You can apply for this feature when you send your tracks to us for distribution.

We have carefully built a promo mailing list which fluctuates between 13.000 and 15.000 international (online) radio stations, magazines, djs and blogs. Our promo list covers a wide range of music styles. When your application is approved we create a selection of relevant media and send your music music to them. Your release will be send with a landingpage where you music can be played and reviewed by the recipient.

We will gather the feedback we receive and send you a PDF by email.

We can not guarantee that you will get responses or that your music is picked up at all. Not all radio stations send feedback or bother leaving comments. To getting little or no feedback does not mean your music is not played or reviewed! Please note carefully that to keep the quality of the Indieplant mailings as high as possible and therefor the effectiveness of our mailing as effective as possible for our members, we only send your music after our A&R (artist & repertoire) department approves it.

Our Channels / PluggingĀ 

Your membership grands you access to this paid service. We are able to promote your music to quality FM radio stations, television, YouTube channels, music reviewers and blogs. Additionally, we can brand your act in tons of music magazines by placing your act in our advertisements. We can also bring your music or act under the attention of magazines in our network.

A strict A&R policy applies on this service. For this kind of promotion we need a professional press kit, press release and relevant news. We can help you with that. You can discuss this feature with your artist & label manager.