Indieplant Progress Assessment (or just 'Assessment') is a questionnaire to gather all kind of important data around your act like your promotional efforts, your sales, social media engagement and gigs. It will take around 30 minutes to complete and you will be asked to complete the assessment every three months.

The data will allow you and your artist & label manager to measure your progress. Depending on the changes in this data, our managers are able to give useful and practical advise about fan engagement, sales strategies, marketing possibilities and lots more.

If this all sounds new and menacing to you, no worries. We’ve made the assessment very easy to use and if you have collected as much information as possible in advance (see the checklist below), you should be done with it in no time at all.


You will be asked questions about the following things:

  • Social Media Followers

    On which platforms are you active and how many followers do you have at each of those places.

  • Gigs

    How many times have you performed, at which locations, for what kind of audience etc.

  • Promotion

    How active were you on social media, did you spread posters, appear on the radio, etc.

  • Releases

    How many albums, eps, singles and music videos did you release?

  • Sales

    How much did you earn with gigs, product sales, audio streams, and by other means?