The My Rewards page, is a fun and important page where you can easily manage your progress, earn free services and get discounts.

The page consists of three sections:

  • My Rewards
  • My Discounts
  • My Coins

My Rewards

Follow the timeline and you will discover and earn rewards like discounts, promo emailings, etc. The true power of My Rewards is that in a view simple steps you are actually running your projects. You'll receive quick and useful rewards along the way. 

My Rewards is very helpful in getting yourself on the right level of operation, quickly.

My Discounts

During your memberschip you get access to nice discounts on products like: cd/vinyl/merchandise productions and mixing & audio mastering. Depending on your membership, you'll get up to €250 discount total and up to €50 discount per coupon! Discount coupons can't be combined with other discounts.

My Coins

Every day that you log in to your account, you'll get rewarded with 5 coins. As an active member you will save coins to be able to spend on special content, services or activities. Ask your artist & label manager for this.