With Release Support calls we offer you a unique possibility to get the power of a managed project, without signing scary contracts or paying the industry default 20% management fee. The reason why we're able to offer you full release support is because we require you to order the items you need for your release, like cds, vinyl, merchandise, pr etc, with Indieplant. This makes for a very convenient one-stop shop for all your needs, saving you valueable time searching for suppliers, and enables us to provide you with full release support. Here are the rules regarding this support.


  • Release support can only be provided if you order all products and services you need for your release at Indieplant. Our prices are fair and our products are of the highest quality. This construction enables us to pay for this awesome service.

  • We will use the Online Manager in your account to plan the release execution. It is expected you'll do the same.

  • While we will provide you the products you need for your release, actually executing your release plan is your responsibility. We can only show you the door, you're the one that has to walk through it. Cheesy but true.

Results of these calls

  • Your release is managed professionally.
  • Your release project is structured and leads to building a better and sustainable brand.
  • With our guidance you'll learn how to professionalize your future releases.
  • If the release goes well and you have proven your skills to us, we are able to unlock access to our music industry network to you.