Congratulations for choosing Indieplant!


Indieplant will offer you a membership that helps you with often underestimated artist and label management tasks. A membership will span one year and it renews automatically monthly after one year. If you're on a yearly payment plan you will benefit a discount.

With your Indieplant Membership you are able to: 

  • Manage and build your music business 
  • Distribute your music (to 200+ online platforms) and video (YouTube);
  • Protect your music rights with publishing (discuss with management support)
  • Gain relevant music business knowledge; 
  • Receive real human management phone support;
  • Unlock access to: music promotion, promotion mailings and discounts;

Once your artist & label manager concludes you are ready, you'll get access to our premium selected partner network of professional PR specialists, radio pluggers, record labels, our publisher and booking agents. Indieplant hosts several events and stages for all of its members to signup to- and participate in.

On top of all of this, there are even more membership benefits for you to discover. For the full list of features go here.

Think of Indieplant as a full blown department in your music company (your band or label) responsible for management support and development. The best part is that this will cost you no more then just a small monthly or yearly fee. This is possible for us because we develop services, products and our network and structure them in such a way that we can share them with all our members.


We are confident your membership will offer you a unique tool and true value for your money!

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