So, now that you're a Member, where should you start? To help you to get started, here are five essentials to get you started.

Five essentials to start with

  1. Create your EPK
    Create your band or label EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to help us understand the level you are currently operating on. It also provides you with a new way to get ranked in Google and promote your brand, as well as offering the additional benefit of being discovered in the Indieplant network. Once your EPK is completed you will be added to our searchable Artist/ Label database.
    > Create your EPK

  2. Complete your first Progress Assessment
    From time to time we will ask you to fill out a Progress Assessment. Here we gather important data about your act. For example: how much social followers you have, how often you gig, etc. We use this data to analyse your current situation and to be able to advice you on steps to take to achieve your goals. Complete your first assessment before your intake call with your manager.
    > Complete your Progress Assessment

  3. Create your Business and Marketing Plan
    Learning new things is fun and important to grow. The music industry is changing rapidly and always shifting. This means that learning new things to stay on top of your game is crucial to your future success and relevance.

    We have made it as easy as possible to learn music business essentials and to create your Business Plan and Music Marketing Plan while doing so. Having these document is essential if you're serious in working on your music career and having us help you. If you're here just to play around, that's fine with us, but if you have ambitions, small or large, and you want to improve on your current situation, then you'll need to learn and bring that knowledge into practice, starting with learning to write Business and Marketing Plans.
    > Follow the Business and Marketing Plan Courses

  4. Have your intake call
    We will invite you to your intake call, if we haven't already by the time you read this. If you've completed your EPK, Progress Assessment and Business and Marketing Plans and you haven't had your intake call yet, please call +31(0)228 350880 to plan a call that fits both our schedules.

  5. Distribute your music
    Get your music out there! For online distribution to Spotify etc, we advice you to not distribute albums instead release one song at the time over a timeframe of one year. This enables you to maximize your promotional opportunities. For Physical distribution go's that an Albums is the by far the best format to release.
    And don't forget to promote your act!