It's good to know and understand what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you! Running your own band or label is all about knowing when to teamplay, knowing when to delegate and knowing when to take your own responsibilities. We strongly advice you to read these expectations!

What you can expect from us

  • We will provide you with access to the platform and online services according to your membership level. Also, we organize events and gigs, make offers and deals for our members with industry parties (it's up to you to opt-in or not) and we make sure to promote good music everywhere we can.

  • During your membership year, we will provide you with at least 4 phone calls of approx 10 minutes each, in which we advise you on how to build your brand and release your music. We will use your Progress Assessment data for these calls. (Make sure that you have completed your Progress Assessment before scheduling a call with your artist developer!) If we can't reach you, or you do not attend a call meeting, you might get less calls. Often we produce more calls than this, but that all depends on how good your teamplay is. Management support calls are business calls. We will try to keep them short, clear and provide you with actionable direction. We might use webinars instead of phone calls. If you need more in-depth background knowledge we advice you to either follow courses in the Academy or visit on of our seminars or events.

  • We will advice you to the best of our ability and intentions. If you do not follow through our advice then you can expect our managers to be less invective in your act. Remember: it takes two to tango! However, in such a case you can keep using the many benefits your membership has to offer. It's our job to challenge you, to get you out of your comfort zone and confront you with your own responsibilities. Helping you to become great! These responsibilities can be the least fun part of your job as a musician. But don't hate us for it. Love us for it!

  • As an Indieplant member you are able to get full release support for free. In these projects we'll provide release support and advise you during your entire release process. We do so using the Online Manager in your account. There are clear terms though. In return you'll need to order all items (like download cards, cds, vinyl and PR) for your release at Indieplant. In this way we are able to provide the awesome services Indieplant offer and avoid the need to take management fees. It goes without saying that we will make sure you to get the best service at great prices for your items.

  • Once you're ready (and only then) we will unlock certain parts of our network to get you further, for example promotion mailings, labels, publishing, etc. It's entirely up to you to use these opportunities and services. At your Rewards page you can earn these items for free by taking the right steps, described there.

  • We offer you a range of services and products as part of your membership fee. But note that a range of services and products are only available to your at an additional fee. For example, you will get a discount to use the Indieplant Studio, but of course the price for renting the studio is not included in your membership fee.

  • You can expect us to follow protocol which is made with love and care and is designed to get you further and make your act as relevant as possible.

What we expect from you

  • We expect you to be responsive and cooperative when scheduling your phone calls. During your membership you have the right to use all offerings that are part of your membership, but it's your responsibility to make sure to use them during that timeframe.

  • We expect you to be invective in your own music career. If you want sustainable success you'll need to free time, money and efforts for your music business development. This also means that, from time to time, you should be fulfilling tasks that might be less fun for you to perform, but are necessary for you to stay or become relevant in the music scene. We need you to understand that. If you are less ambitious and just want to fulfil your hobby in a more rewarding way, that's fine as well. Please let us know though so that we can provide you with optimal service that fits your needs.

  • We expect you to understand that our platform offers management support; that we help and advice. We offer tools and education to make your life easier and better. But eventually you are responsible for your successes or the lack of it. We are not miracle workers! We don't and can't promise or guarantee success. Success boils down to creating great products that suits your market and then promote the hell out of it, in a properly managed manner. And working hard and smart together with your team. Indieplant can be a very useful asset and tool in that team.

  • We expect you to understand that we are not your full time manager nor your kindergarden cop. Nor do you pay us for that kind of job. If you expect such things, let us bring things into perspective for you. A full time manager will cost you about 20% of all your income. And a professional artist manager is usually only interested when your turnover is above €200.000. Keep that in mind before you start ventilating unrealistic expectations. If your turnover reaches € 200.000 you should call us so that we can discuss on changing our service level to fit your needs.

  • We advice and expect you to follow our prime directions and use our tools. If you don't, no problem, but please keep your expectations for cool stuff to happen low.

  • We expect you to behave and communicate respectfully.

  • Believe it or not, sometimes we get artists who don't follow our guidance (or do anything constructive at all for that matter) and still expect miracles to happen, just for paying the membership fee. It's one of the reasons why we created this page with information on expectations: to get the expectations of our members in check, as best we can. We hope you understand that miracles are impossible, but the chances for success are greatly increased by trusting our experience, following our guidance and working hard!

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