As an Indieplant member, you have access to all the music tools and information you need to work on your music career. You can find the details of our different memberships at

The values of being a free 'Play' member is that you can create a free EPK, that is displayed at Booking requests that this EPK generates will be handled by Indieplant Bookings, at a bookingsfee of 30%. Secondly you will get discounts on producing t-shirts or download cards, and you will get access to several usefull ebooks at You will also get access to all our music tools, like marketing, artwork, cd/vinyl production, management and lots more, but at no discount.

As a Startup or Indie member, you will get full access to essential ecourses in our Academy, management support, promotion mailings, access to unlimited online music distribution, the distribution of a cd/vinyl to hundreds of brick-and-mortar music stores, as well as the Indieplant Music Store, where you will receive the highest revenues. As Startup and Indie members you will also get increased discounts on our music tools.

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