The main differences between our free ‘Play’ and paid memberships is that Play members don’t have access to unlimited online music distribution, management support, our bookings fee is higher and they don’t have access to certain services like marketing and publishing. On top of that Play members have no access to Academy or our very cool planning and management tool. You do get to have a very good looking EPK though.

The main differences between our ‘Startup’ and ‘Indie’ memberships is that Indie Members get to distribute more products across the Benelux, they get more discount on cd, vinyl and merch productions, they get access to four in stead of one yearly radio mailing and their bookings fee is lower. Also Indie members get more management support.


It's the full blown Indie package.


On case to case basis we handle pro memberschips. Usualy these are individual agreements with recordlabels, artist managers, publishers, etc. Also we often use Pro memberschips for signing artists. If you operate on a pro level and you think you could create a win-win situation with Indieplant, you can drop us a line here.

You can find all details about each membership type right here: