It depends on the kind of Indieplant Member you are. Regardless of your membership, we always perform the following tasks for you:

  • You can reach us by mail and phone for questions regarding bookings, but we will deduct these talks from you available management support hours.
  • All incoming booking requests via phone or your EPK will be followed up.
  • Your agent deals with booking requests swiftly and professionally.
  • We will deal with the negotiations with event organizers.
  • We’ll make sure all contracts are properly handled.
  • We’ll collect the revenue on your behalf and make sure you’re paid.


For Startup and Indie Members, we organize events that you can enroll to. These can be unpaid but often offer great promotional value and exposure for your band or act.

We also make sure any demos you send us are listened to by either our own or partnering label.

Quite regularly, we send e-mailings to venues and event organizers. As a Startup or Indie Member, your act will be checked by our A&R department and can be selected to be included in these mailings, increasing your exposure. However, we will only involve you with above things if your basics are covered the right way. E.g. You posses good recordings, photo’s, artwork, online/ social media representation and you are venue / media ready. If you’re not, you can learn these things in Academy.