Be as clear and specific as you can when requesting a revision. Something like "I don't feel it" or "it needs more punch" is difficult for us to work with. In stead communicate like this:

 - "Make the lead vocals louder between 2:45 and 3:10."

 - "Decrease the bass on the kick."

 - "Make the rhythm guitar section a bit less loud."

 - "Give the lead vocal more high-end / sparkle."

 - "Increase the mid on the guitar."

 - "Give the snare a tiny bit more reverb."

 - "Decrease the delay on the fx."

Also, we understand your music can be quite close to your heart, so please keep cool and professional if our mix is not quite to your liking. We will work on it until it's spot on, but clear communication is key.


Listen to your track attentively and on different sound systems. Then write down all your remarks, converse with other musicians with sharp ears and send it in one go. This way we'll likely fix everything in a single revision thus saving time and money.