No, we're not. We don't care for half measures and poor sound quality. Our prices are fair and if you've signed a publishing or 360-deal with us, studio time is actually free! You only pay our sound engineer.

Let us explain. As a distributor, record label, management- and bookings firm, we know that a poor, cheap mix is going to give a very bad impression for you as an artist, thus harming your opportunities.

Your music is your capital. If your music is not converting into gigs, deal, airplays or streams because your music sounds cheap and therefor doesn't compete with music from other artists, it won't generate revenue. Choosing cheap can actually be quite expensive.

So in general we advise you to stay far away from all things cheap when it comes to mixing and mastering.

Back to our studio, when you consider that your music will be mixed and mastered on very high-end new and vintage analog gear, by a highly experienced sound engineer; you will see our great value for money.