For mixing and mastering, we need the best quality audio files with some specific attributes:

Send us every track as separate WAV of AIF files. Other formats are not accepted.

Files with 24bit and 48kHz audio are preferred although we accept 16bit 44.1kHz files.

Place your audio files in a single ZIP file and follow the upload instructions you get upon payment.

We highly recommend sending an example song that has been mixed and/or mastered in a way you like. Please make sure to name this file 'EXAMPLE'. You can also send us a YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud link in the comments field.

Make sure all audio files have the same starting point.

Do not normalise your audio files.

Make 100% sure that your audio files are not clipping in red, we cannot repair that damage.

Please remove reverbs and delays from your tracks, unless they are for creative use.